Welcome to the Campaign to Liberate Freedom

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Friends of Freedom,

Due to a variety of complex world events and their subsequent political manipulations, many people believe that the “idea of freedom” — our most sacred human value — has been diminished. Some even say, that the concept itself has been hijacked and is being used for political/corporate gain.

Essentially, the Campaign is a worldwide wake up call to the human community everywhere, a call to STOP killing in the name of freedom. The Campaign is intended to appeal to the heart, the inherent wisdom in every man, woman, and child that yearns for peace and security. The freedom from fear and want is the very bedrock of civilization and co-existence.

This is indeed the heart of the issue: have we as a species lost sight of what freedom really means, of what this sacred value is meant to truly stand for? Why do so many people in our world feel that the so-called “spread of freedom” is synonymous with cruelty and corporate profiteering?

With these questions in mind we invite you to join our world-wide internet based campaign, "The Campaign to Liberate Freedom," by submitting a very short impassioned statement (guidelines below).

“I had stopped waiting for the world to improve and exercised my right to intervene in that world, or at least to express my opinion about it.”

~ Vaclav Havel

An Impassioned Invitation

We invite you to write a statement (in around 250 words) explaining “your own meaning of freedom” and/or how best to liberate freedom from indoctrination, nationalism, servitude, religious certitude, fear, and/or complicity with violence or war. Please feel encouraged to write an original “liberating zinger.” What you say will carry weight. People will take notice. So please join us.

Or, you may prefer to share a creative strategy, a story, a passage, that informs, educates, jolts, offers inspiration, ignites actions, makes one think, feel, or reconsider their way of being.

Overall, we are looking for insights and attitudes that “illuminate the nature of freedom” and also provide “liberation-enhancing actions” that reveal alternative, practical behaviors that one may want to embrace, live by, and possibly share with others. As such, when one reads your “rave on freedom” they may feel as if they are liberating their own sense of freedom. Thus, participating in everyday revolution is at the heart of the Liberate Freedom campaign.

Your “freedom statement” will be posted and archived on our web site offering insight and inspiration for all to read, hopefully for years to come. Please include your name, organization, web site, current publication/creation, location, and all will be linked to your entry.

Your statement should be emailed to the Campaign at:

liberatefreedom (at) WorldDhama.com

Or click here to submit it directly online.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You,

Alan Clements

Director of A Campaign To Liberate Freedom
Co founder of The Burma Project USA/Canada ~
Co founder of The World Dharma Online Institute

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